Review: Amplitube 4 iOS – Dragging iOS Amp Sims into 2012. Part 1.

Amplitube is a pioneering, iconic product. Back in the 90’s they were among the first to experiment with software only amp and effect emulation. They really launched iOS simming back in 2010. And they are the really visible edge of the industry. if there is a guitar in an Apple ad, odds are it’s playing through Amplitube.

Bearing all that in mind, you always wished it was……just better. Continue reading Review: Amplitube 4 iOS – Dragging iOS Amp Sims into 2012. Part 1.

Amplitube 4 – more details…..

Just found this in the Amplitube forum….

“One of the major improvements of #AmpliTube 4 iOS can’t be seen but can be heard! We ported the algorithms of the desktop version of AmpliTube in this new mobile version, refactoring EVERY single piece of gear, so you will have the best possible sounding amps, stomps, cabinets and more now always with you in your iPhone and iPad.
This is huge. ”

If they’ve cracked this, it is a huge step forward. Amplitube on iOS was pretty poor from a sound quality perspective so this could be a huge improvement

Tech 21 Releases the Boost COMP

The Boost COMP uniquely gives guitar and bass players pre- and post- tone shaping adjustability to achieve the right balance that complements their instruments and playing style. Presence provides a pre-compression tonal boost for high-end string attack and clarity. Tone provides a post-compression cut or boost to generate a mellower, more lush tone without getting too dark.

To fatten your tone, increase sustain and punch up your sound, the Boost COMP utilizes old school, all-analog, FET-based technology, which is inherently warmer, more transparent, and more musical than other methods. Without compromising results, this player-friendly pedal offers simplified controls to uncomplicate the daunting and frustrating process often experienced with complex compressors.

When it’s time to jump out, a powerful boost function delivers up to 21dB of clean boost to increase your output level –without adding more compression. A true post-boost, this function can also be used independently.

Other features include 1/4-inch high-impedance input and low impedance output, and silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators. Operable with 9V battery (not included) or optional DC power supply
(Tech 21 Model #DC2).

– See more at:


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