Taurus Dexter Mk-2 Polyphonic Octaver for Bass and Guitar

The Taurus Dexter Mk-2 is significantly smaller and it was enriched with additional features. New model, like the whole MK-2 series can be powered in the range 9-12V and additionally have Polarity Auto Detection, which solves the issues with using various types of power supplies. The additional feature is DC Assistant, protecting the effect from the loss of signal. In case of losing the power supply or too low voltage the effect is being automatically switched to „bypass” mode.

The Dexter Mk-2 is a polyphonic Octover which allows transposing an original note of one octave up and down. Both octaves can be used separately, mixed together as well as mixed with the original notes.

The 24-bit high quality DSP is responsible for polyphony of the effect. Each octave is controlled by two potentiometers ( Level & Range) which gives great flexibility in sound creating process. Thanks to them, unwanted tones which sometimes occurs in octaves can be eliminated e.g. blurred clarity of sound or extensively altered sound of the instrument.

In practice it turns out that broadband signal processing by Octover in certain situations may be unwanted. Using bandwidth range potentiometers gives great flexibility and freedom in shaping a texture of the instrument’s sound.

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