downloadWell, they only gone and done it. After way, way too long, Google have announced Android L, due for an Autumn launch. Among a vast number of updates is…………..realtime, low latency audio processing.

I quote “Working with app developers including StarMaker (maker of iOS karaoke apps) and Smule (maker of the I Am T-Pain app for iOS), Google has worked to improve latency issues, bringing that time down to about 20 milliseconds.

Google is also adding support for 24bit 96 kHz sampling, improved audio/video sync, and added official support for USB audio devices including external sound cards or other devices.”

I know Starmaker are not IK multimedia but this is potentially a huge step for pocket guitarists. It could free us from vastly expensive (yet intensely desirable) Ipads and put tasty morsels like Bias on a Nexus, giving us back more money we can immediately spend on new apps (I am speaking to you Positive Grid).

It is also a huge opportunity for developers, giving them a vast new market of those too broke for Apple products or those ideologically opposed. Positive Grid have already hinted that they are looking at it.

It;s unlikely that we’ll see anything very exciting before 2015, but this is still big news. At last Google is serious about music.