5 ampsims, which one nails the AC30 best?

First, Amplitube, I’m sorry, if a piece of software has ever been left way behind by it’s competitors, this is it. Thin and brittle with no hint at all of Vox loveliness.

Next, Ampkit. I love Ampkit, especially when it’s overdriven to buggery, but clean tones are not its strongest point, The AC30 here is usable but lacks magic.

As does the stock AC30 in Bias, but then it makes up for that with the 4,000 modded ACs you can download.

So second prize goes to Jamup. Its not authentic, but it sounds great.

So Tonestack is number one. This is the model that really is closet to a good, well-preserved Vox and has that wonderful elusive breathing valve quality that none of the other sims can quite match.