Now this is where it gets interesting. With Tonestack you get two AC30s, a classic configuration and a version of the top-boost model.

The essential tone is very similar on these two models but there is enough variation here to really make you appreciate the choice. The “British Boost” gives you, in addition to the tone and master volume controls, a normal gain and a boost gain that works with an additional boost switch. The essential tone is clear and bright but with an essential earthiness and warmth – it works very well with the volume knob of your guitar and just feels very…..valve-y.
The boost just give you more, it is not a simple overdrive circuit but adds more depth and focus to the tone. It’s a very addictive tone and works very well with both humbuckers and single coils.
The Bristol City is Tonestack’s take on the classic AC design and though it lacks the great boost feature of it’s brother there is perhaps a hint more glassiness to the cleaner tones.
Both amp models come with a very warm and usable tremolo effect and the Boost has a lovely modeled spring reverb.
Both work very well with overdrive pedals, and both love modulation effects – and Tonestack is very, very strong when it comes to mod effects.
The whole package is supremely well though out and very sophisticated. There are limitless hours of experimentation here and more than any other package there is a sense of actually playing through and responding to a real amplifier. I loved it.