The language does not exist to truly tell you how much I love and admire Guitarlessons365 and the incredible Carl Brown who has made thousands of very high quality instruction videos available at his site on Check out his note-for-note video lessons on pretty much every guitar standard of the past 50 years. Limelight, Parisienne Walkways, The Trooper, Wonderful Tonight  –  and these are just the songs added in the past week! Just his Eric Johnson stuff kept me up for 3 months.

There’s a stack of stuff on theory as well, at all levels. Much of this is free but even the premium stuff comes in at about £6.50 a month. That barely buys you a pie round my way.

Carl is clearly a sickeningly talented musician and his site is a real labour of love. I visit it pretty much every day and I am a better guitarist, and a better person, as a result.

So, off you go and tell me about it when you get back.