have rapidly gained a reputation for making seriously powerful effects apps for very small sums of money. Though they are not principally designed for the guitar, they work very well as part of an IOS signal chain. 

I’ve been playing with Dub, an immensely powerful echo effect as part of an Audiobus set up and have had a huge amount of fun with it. Set-up is simple, slap it in the effects slot of Audiobus and launch it and you are faced with a set of sliders, the visual effect is simple and pleasing and gives a lot of information in a way that is easily absorbed. Main controls are Time, Fine-tune, Feedback, with some filter controls. Controls are very intuitive and there is a wide range of presets from subtle slapback effects to insane, swirling descents into madness. There are also some very impressive modulation effects as well.

Got that? Good, because the key thing is how does it sound. It sounds really, really good. Of course you can fun with the presets but it is so easy to use that it is very hard to create an unmusical effect. It work especially well with AUFX’s lovely Space reverb app and the two together create massive sonic pads and washes. Honestly, strike an A diminished chord and you can listen to the resulting sonic maelstrom for a fortnight. Truly epic stuff. So it will do the basic meat and potatos stuff, but it is an app that likes to go a little crazy as well.

Simple to use, epic in scope  and beautiful to listen to. It is also £2.49, so give these people your money now. It is a bargain.