Something a bit unusual here –  a sub-£100 Tele. And it is not half bad.

The body is solid alder and has the satisfying weight of the genuine article. The maple neck and fretboard are well finished and comfortable – frets are a little scratchy but that is pretty standard at this price point. Generic tuners do the job and there is a 3-saddle bridge that actually keeps intonation pretty well. There is no through-body stringing (boo!) but acoustic sustain seems OK.

Plugged in and played clean, the neck pickup is a little wooly but usable and the bridge is pretty sharp and thin but careful use of your amp’s tone knobs can bring forth a snappy country tone. With overdrive, the bridge unit can give more than a flavout of early Led Zeppelin – it’s a very pleasing , rough and ready noise. But try anything more distorted and the thinness of the pickups get very unpleasant, very quickly.

So it’s not the best guitar in this line-up, but I like a tele and this has got a lot to like – a decent body, reasonable neck and some approximation of classic Tele tone.