Well, here we are in lovely Brighton, somehow surviving the arse end of Hurricane Bertha with nothing but the lovely Tonestack to protect me. And in the spirit of constant improvement, Yonac have added another update, bringing it to version 1.2.

This is what we have….

  • Revamped connections screen
  • You can now toggle any unit directly on the connections screen: simply tap the unit’s name, located underneath its icon
  • Similarly, tap on ABY icons’ name area to cycle through splitting modes
  • Color coded icons for instant visual feedback
  • ToneStack now comes standard with a volume pedal so that you can use your favorite MIDI controller for swells or level adjustments. The Volume Pedal is located in the Modulation category.
  • 3 types of output limiting / clipping protection: Tape 1, Tape 2 & Standard. Select the type or disable by going to AUDIO PREFS menu
  • Increased sound definition
  • Extended MIDI connectivity preferences
  • Can now individually turn hardware or virtual MIDI in ports on/off
  • Individual input & clock toggles for hardware & networked MIDI connections
  • New MIDI learn features
  • Can now map MIDI values to a new range using MIDI Min/Max properties (continuous parameters)
  • CC State Control option for continuous parameters: when enabled, automatically turns off associated unit when MIDI value is 0; if MIDI value is increased, turns unit back on.
  • Ability choose Latch or Momentary control type for toggles & switches
  • MIDI Tap Tempo
  • Increased output levels for delays
  • Improved unit replace (touch & hold) behavior
  • Silent switching
  • Audiobus state saving: now saves the complete preset into Audiobus, so you can share via Audiobus
  • Other improvements & fixes


It’s a well thought out collection of tweaks. I really like the slight correction in the unit replace timing, it is a tiny change that has a big effect on how tehe whole package feels. The big midi changes will be looked at in more detail once I’m back home  with my big rig.