Like Ali-Frazier in the Thrilla in Manilla, we are stumbling, exhausted and drained towards the end of this epic Revalver 4 review. But wait! There is more…..namely…..

Bluesmaker 1962

What is this based on? I wonder. The combo that pretty much kick-started heavy rock is here a stripped down single channel beastie. There is a clean tone here, bright and sparky with a Fendery punch that shows the essential dna of this amp. Wound up, there is depth and definition and a wonderfully loose feel to the tone. After trying it with a few guitars, I felt that it was happiest with a shorter Gibson scale and it really loved humbuckers. It’s brightness really injected some vitality into some pretty generic humbuckers. With single-coils it may be too sharp and some Eq-ing might be necessary.

Does it get that Beano tone though – Yes it does, it’s a snappy little thing but the clarity of the tone is always there. It is not the most versatile model out there, but the essential Bluesbreaker tone is there to be found. And as the re-issue goes for £2,500, that is not bad.

Budda SD18

Budda were a much-loved boutique amp builders bought out by Peavey a few years ago. Fans of the brand insist that post-buyout amps are notas good and certainly Revalver attempts at modelling them were among the least succesful parts of the previous incarnation of Revalver.

The SD18 is a model of a 18 watt valve amp aimed at small clubs and recording. The model gives you two channels, a treble and a mid boost.

Clean is really. really punchy. A Strat neck pickup had that full, fruity tone that responded very well to hard picking by adding a spoonful of grunt. It felt like it turned the standard Strat pickup into a Texas Hot. So this is a great tone if you want it thick, powerful and with more than a little SRV vibe.

Channel two is great. There is a really solid rhythm tone with a really assertive edge, the mid thick switch adds a lot of depth to it. Whack up the gain and it is a brilliant lead tone. There is thickness and depth to the tone, but there is definition and detail as well.

This is a great model and much more effective than the Revalver 3 model. Loved it.

Budda Superdrive V20

In real life this has a 6V6 output stage, in Revalver this translates as an amp that looks pretty much the same as the SD18, but sounds and feels very, very different.

The clean tone is sensational. With humbuckers you can jazz it up, with a strat i challenge you not to launch into Little Wing or Bold as Love, it is that tone. I don’t think I need to say more.

Channel 2 roughs things up a bit but, like the clean tone, there is a real vintage vibe here. It is not going to be a first choice for metal, but it is a great meat and potatoes swampy rock tone and really any rock tone to about……1975. It responds to your playing and is very musical at all points. Pretty good all round.

That’s it guys, I’ll bring you the last amps tomorrow!