It’s beautiful, it’s desirable, you know it will break down in some absurd way, but you still want it. But is it a leap forward for the IOS using guitarist?

The bigger screen will certainly help with he 1334 x 750 resolution of the standard iPhone 6 offering nearly 40% more screen real estate than the 5s  while the 1920 x 1080 resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus has nearly twice as much screen area – you will of course need to buy extra large pockets for the thing – it looks huuuuge.

Apple say that battery life is improved – but then, we’ll believe that when we see it.

I think that over the past year there has been a definite shift towards the Ipad as the weapon of choice of IOS musicians with many new apps (especially some of the truly epic new synths) being Ipad only. I don’t think the new Iphone will change that. Ipads will continue to be more usable – I love Tonestack on my Iphone, but it is simply nicer to use on an Ipad.

But it still looks like whatever the future is of guitar and music apps, it is still going to be on an Apple device – if Google want to exploit what is a huge market that belongs totally to Apple, then they have to seriously work on Android. If they can do that, and

create a serious musical rival to IOS, then that would be the game changer.

In the mean time, here is that Apple launch again, but seriously an Iwatch?