Before finding this in App Store for 69p I knew nothing about this app or the developers. A search in Google indicated a brief moment in the sun (featured in Rolling Stone in 2011 no less) and it briefly hit 20 in top paid music apps and a rather nifty slogan “put some amps in your pants!” –  what an offer.

Then nothing, like Ozymandias only a relic remains… version 0.3 of Amps and Cabs. Whatever happened to 0.4 we’ll probably never know.

So what we do have is the simplest of ampsims, with a take on a Boogie, a Marshall and a Bassman. And thats it, no effects, no patches, certainly no recording and nothing even approaching Audiobus.

So it is seriously lacking in most areas and pretty unusable as part of a complex IOS signal chain. But it is oddly likable and has a charm of its own. It is not unattractive and simple to a fault. The basic tone is rather soft and very quiet (frankly, much too quiet) – and essentially the same for all the models, the tweedy one is cleaner and the Boogie copy a little tiny bit dirtier and the Marshall is stuck in between. Whatever amp you use, this can handle a little late night noodling and really nothing else.

But there is the seed of something here, a little shred of character that might have been shaped into a usable product had development continued – as it is, 69p is frankly pushing it.

So, no rival of Tonestack or Bias, but an interesting little relic.