And there is a lot of bad news….that e-tune system, it’s on pretty much everything so you’d better like it.

The guitar range has been rationalised or as I would say, massacred. There has been a mass culling of designs and variations which is particularly savage in the sub-£1,000 bracket. The SGJ and LPJ appear to have gone, as well as the Melody Maker and a lot of the LP and SG Studio models. Check out my review of the 2014 SGJ here.

The cheapest Les Paul is the (admittedly lovely looking)single P90 Les Paul Junior which comes in at £699, £160 more than the Melody Maker – which had, count’em. 2 pickups. The cheapest SG is the SG Special at £799. This is £300 more than the sublime SGJ. You get the new e-tune system and a hard case, but this is a ferocious increase in a sector of the market that is very keen on price.

Indeed eye-watering price increases seem to be across the board with the street price of the Les Paul Standard now at £2,500. This is an awful lot of money.

Still, perhaps all that extra money will buy Gibson a functioning QC department. Ouch!