The app version of a Windows program , Scorecloud describes itself as “Google Translate for music”, transcribing your playing or singing automatically into a musical score.

After downloading and a simple registration process the app could scarcely be simpler; sing or play your music into the mike and it will convert it into a transcribed score. Once you have the transcription there are surprisingly powerful editing tools that allow you to alter the key, transpose it, change the tine signature and the tempo. Pitch and duration of individual notes can also be altered.

How well does it work? Actually, really well. Singing into it did not really work for me, simply because I cannot sing in tune, but a melody line on my acoustic was quickly changed into an accurate and very professional looking score that can be emailed or printed. The app will also play it back through a rather impressive instrument library, so if you use a guitar to note down a piano line, you can hear what it will sound like.

So for melody lines, this is a simple to use, professional and attractive app that really works. The downside is that it is only monophonic and will only transcribe a single part in each transcription. So a polyphonic, multi-instrument real-time transcriber is a way away yet.

But what you have here works and is much more than a gimmick. The App is also free with the only IAP being 69p for the ability to store 50 songs. I strongly recommend you give Scorecloud a go.

You can download from the appstore here.