I’ve just found this fascinating site for guitar modders and DIY-nuts.  As Singlecoil.com say,  “What is SINGLECOIL.COM ? It´s not only a webpage about DIY stuff for musicans – it´s a project, meant to be growing with time, getting better and better. And it´s a kind of open source project or in musical terms, an open stage project. You decide what´s coming next, what are your interests, what do you want to read here in the future ? Please take some time and send us an email with your wishes, comments, suggestions, criticism, hints, questions, thunderous applause ….. or maybe you want to be a co-author here – you are welcome ! Do you have some interesting stuff you would like to share with others ? Send it over to us and we will check and publish it here, naturally with all the credits to you.”

You can check it out here….