I’ve been reading about impedance and how it effects tone. When I say reading, what I mean is, struggling to the end of the first sentence in Wikipedia and then just collapsing in a confused heap.

What I finally understood was , Impedance? High=bad, low-good. And a long cable adds impedance to a guitar signal. Now I’ve been Iphone and PC based with my guitar for a while now but still had a 18′ cable getting stuck under the chair and knocking the cat over. So I thought, I don’t need a long cable, lets go short!

So what I have in front of me is the Fender Custom Shop Performance 5ft cable. When I read Custom Shop, I did hope for a US made product from the Custom Shop itself, but it is made in China. But construction is good, there is a very pleasing Bassman Tweed cloth covering on the cable and plugs are well taped and secure.

The difference in handling the shorter cable is huge, it’s much lighter and just much easier to use.

But the big difference is tone. I hoped for some improvement but what I got was staggering. Everything sounded better, bass notes were clearer and bell-like, mids had much more punch and treble strings had a richer tone without any shrillness. All my playing had much more detail and impact and all my guitars benefited.

The effect was strongest on single-coils but is there with humbuckers as well.

The impact was so great that 2 people thought I’d spent a fortune on new pickups.

So, if you’re playing on a home PC or IOS rig, go short. I’ve never spent £10 on anything that had so great an effect on my tone.