This is a new one for me guys, but at a price of 8.90 Euros, you cannot go too far wrong. It would appear that they are Windows only.

More info and downloads can be found here.

Anyway, this is what they say…..

G-Sonique: Classic colored pedals 2 (guitar VST pedal collection)

G-Sonique: Classic colored pedals 2 is collection of classic yet very usable virtual guitar pedals / stompboxes.


– Auto Wah WH-1 – standard automatic wah wah guitar vst plug-in

– Graphic Equalizer EQ-1 – get ideal tone of your guitar or any other instrument

– Phaser PH-1 – analog modeled phaser

– Pitch shifter PS-1 – very creative effect that play incoming signal splitted in 3 parts: pitchshifted up (one octave up), pitchshifted down (one octave down) and original signal, you can set volume of every one of splitted signal”