So after the rumours and the leaks, came the official announcement. And what we got was evolution rather than revolution.

Despite whispers of a larger screen, the Air stays at 9.7″ and the Mini at 7.9, but the Air is now insanely thin at 6.1mm.

There is an improved A8X processor (40% faster at data handling and 2.5 times faster handling graphics). For musicians this is important as it means that the Air should be able to handle the next few incarnations of IOS. So that is the next few updates of Bias sorted then.

There is a new, non-reflective screen (58% less reflective than the old Air – how do they measure that?) and a better 8mp camera. There is also Touch ID, apparently.

The new Mini has the same guts as the Air 2 but has an unchanged case.

The new Air starts at $499 for a 16gb and $599 for 64gb (which is….actually not stupidly expensive)

Apple will continue to sell the the old Air and Mini, so there may be a few bargains to be had. But it appears that the new Air is lovely to look at, powerful and even reasonable value.

Of course, Apple are aware that tablet sales generally are down, but the musicians market is different. Apple have a total lock on the music market and more and more musical apps are now Ipad only. So the Iphone 6 may encroach on the tablet market for many markets, but the Ipad is still likely to reign supreme for the present for us Musos.

Oh yes, it is now available in gold, lovely gold.