When I first saw this guitar, I was blown away. How can Epiphone sell anything for so little? And then I looked a bit more closely, and little is the word. What Epiphone have made is the world’s only Hobbit Les Paul. It has a 22″ scale and a correspondingly small body.

It’s being sold as a first guitar for young guitarists and I can see the appeal there. The scale is perfect for young hands and the slim taper neck matches that very well. There are two quite pokey pickups there which sound rather flat clean but dirty up nicely to give a good heavy blues, 70’s rock vibe. Veer too much into metal territory and things fall apart slightly, but if your tastes are classic rock then there is much to enjoy.

Epiphone also suggest this can be used as a travel guitar – my view is that the neck is too short and too slim for that, I certainly found my hand cramping up after only a short session.

But for a young’un after a first guitar, this is ideal. It’s well made, the components are surprisingly good (I especially like the bridge) and it makes a decent noise. £84? Bargain!