Going up in price to a cool £99, the Peavey brings a S-S-H combination to the table. Peavey – even in the days of US manufacture – had a reputation for cheapness and variable quality.

It’s described as solid “wood”, but it is a well crafted thing with a full 25.5″ scale. The neck is well shaped and comfortable (with the exception of the Epiphone – which is really not for adult hands anyway -all the necks on these super-cheap guitars were surprisingly well-crafted.) I did like the look of it – obviously Strat inspired, but with a character of its own.

But it is the electrics that are the surprise here. The addition of a humbucker really gives this guitar a convincing amount of grunt when overdriven and it even balances quite well with the single coils. Once again, these are not the most detailed or refined pickups you’ll hear but this Predator does cover most musical bases pretty well – even if the trem is a fragile thing that needs careful handling