The Bullet has a long history as a student-level introduction to the Fender brand, in fact some of the early 80’s US-made bullets are getting quite sought over.

This version is basically a stripped down Squier Strat. It has the looks, the 25.5″ scale and the 3 single coils as well as a traditional trem.

Now, look at the price, £91. There are going to be huge compromises. The body is laminate, the bridge feels flimsy and trem tuning is not going to withstand much octave divebombing. But what you get is a guitar that actually plays pretty well, the neck is comfortably shaped and the fretboard is a reasonable piece of rose wood. Joints are neat and the basic woodwork you see is spot on, as is the poly finish. New, it feels a little rough but a few weeks playing in should sort that out. Tonally, the pickups love to play clean and the middle and neck pickups have a pleasing woodiness to the tone. The bridge pickup is pretty thin sounding and all the pickups lose definition as you wind the overdrive up, but even with some distortion it still makes a musical racket. It is not a custom shop Strat but it does not disgrace itself.

At the street price of £91 it does everything you want and does it with a hint of style.