Stagg are a well-known in the Uk for pumping out guitars at the lower end of the market and the Strat-like S300 is the cheapest full size electric they do.

But check this out, solid alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, you get a lot for the money. It’s well made, with neat woodwork on all the joints but it could do with a decent set up as action and intonation were way off when I picked it up. Basic adjustments took 5 minutes and it played very well after that.

It’s got very cheap single coils so there are things this guitar cannot really do. Metal is a tough gig with it but it responded very well on Tonestack to make a reasonable Texas blues tone. The comfortable neck (not too thin) helped too and it was a lot of fun to play. The neck pickup produced a reasonable Hendrix-SRV vibe as well. For this money, what else do you want?

Of course, there are issues. The trem is usable for a light wobble only and I don’t think it would work well with heavier strings – the machine heads felt a little weak. But it is a well-made little guitar, especially so for the price. This or the Squier? I think the Stagg just edges it.