Another guitar under £99, but one dripping with Satanic menace – or at least has a pentagram on the body. After trying a slew of rather tasteful,classic designs, I really loved indulging the dark side with this one.

It has a basswood body, simple tune-a-matic bridge and two black humbuckers. The humbuckers are the stars here – they are pretty hot and not a safe bet for any Chet Atkins noodlings, but more than anything else I tested, they love it rock it out. Through the Insane rigs on Bias, these conjure up a thick, dark tone that avoids too much mush. It’s pretty much a one tone guitar, but it is a good one and you would be hard pushed to find a better metal sound for this sort of money.

It also comes with a slim and fast 24 fret neck and it also had the best set-up of any of the guitars I played. This was a lot of fun.