EchoMan (Based on Electro-Harmonix® Memory Man)

Based on a classic analog delay design, this has analog warmth in bucketloads and a lovely, liquid quality to the tone. There  is a chorus/vibrato function as well, keep this at halfway and it adds more depth to the processed tone rather than act as separate modulation effects (though whack the vibrato to full and you get a rather good Hank Marvin tone on single coils).

A very strong, musical model – and it was only a few years ago that sims found analog effects like this incredibly difficult.

EP Tape Echo (Based on Maestro® Echoplex™)

Can you even imagine trying to work with a tape-echo effect on stage? A thousand mechanical components just aching to break down? This is a another Hendrix model and it looks fun, with an animated tape spool and it sounds pretty good too with a lovely transparent quality that works especially well with Fender type amp models. On long settings there are wonderful, crystal sound patterns to create (it all gets very Electric Ladyland, very quickly) but whack it right down and you have an irresistible slapback that begs you to drag out all those Scotty Moore licks. Add a bit more delay and I could not resist zooming through Country Boy; there is a percussive touch to the tone that is ideally suited for Albert Lee licks.

So another great warm, tonefull effect. It is not massively versatile, but what it sets out to do, it does beautifully.

Tap Delay

An Amplitube original, this has 8 independent tap delays, each of which can be reversed.

Be warned, this is a time sponge.  I quote the website “You can create grooving rhythm patterns by combining more taps with a specific time signature, and you can mix this up with psychedelic reverse tape effects you are able to set for each tap.” Yup, think of it as a micro-looper with modulation and reverse effects thrown in. You play something and just sit back and allow the wash of sound, every signal flowing in and out of time, just sweep over you.

I’m not sure how often you’d use it, but this is a lovely, seductive effect.