As a group, we guitarists are an uncomplicated lot. We like the familiar, we like 1954 Telecasters and valve amps and effects pedals made from chips manufactured in 1982. But sometimes, we’ll also go mad for splashes of new technology, I mean if 10 years you were told that you’d be playing a guitar through your phone, would you believe it?

So when TC Electronics developed the Polytune, a polyphonic foot pedal tuner, we loved it. It looked cool, it had flashing lights and you could strum all six strings and tune all the strings at once. How much time that would actually save we could never work out, but we loved it.

And now TC Electronics have released an IOS version of this instant classic pedal. It looks identical and has the same polyphonic and monophonic tuning technology. It can handle 5 steps of dropped tuning and has a claimed accuracy of 0.5%.

And in performance, it all works very well. It is extremely simple to operate, you plug in, strum and tune, and the accuracy of the results is excellent. All the technology is hidden away but it does work very well. The downside of this simplicity is that it limits itself to standard tuning with a nod to dropped tuning – if this polyphonic technology could be geared towards altered tunings, then it would be an absolutely essential purchase.

As it is, it’s a simple, effective tuner. I am still not sure how much time is saved by the polyphonic tuning function, but it is a lot more fun to use than your basic tuner. There are other tuners out there that have much more sophisticated functions but if you want a simple guitar tuner for basic tuning that has the advantage of being really very pretty, then the Polytune would be ideal.

At full cost, it’s £2.99 (absurdly cheap next to the pedal – but on the pricey side for a tuner app), but it often comes up in sales.

You can find out more here…..