I’m writing this with a heavy heart as, at the time of writing, this rather lovely little guitar will be going out of production very soon  and has no place in the 2015 Gibson line-up.

Now this fondness for a Gibson is a rare thing for me. I recall the dark days of the early 80’s when a Les Paul Custom might sell for a Thousand English Pounds (3 months wages back in the day) and still be a pile of crap. Even more recently I’ve spoken to guitar shop owners who were sick of unpacking £6,000 1959 reissues and finding the most basic finish issues  on them.

So in 2013, I was surprised to find the really rather good LPJ, followed by the SGJ. Great, simple US guitars at Korean factory prices. The 2014 models were even better and among them was the Les Paul Melody Maker.

Gibson have…

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