What’s New in Version 3.30

Guitarism is now an all-inclusive app – no more indivdiual IAPs. All existing Guitarism users have been auto-upgraded to include all guitars, effects and Quadroplay MIDI Out functionality!

Additional changes:
Boosted volume of muted notes for a more percussive sound
Enabled strumming / picking with up to 10 fingers (iPad only)
Fixed issue with saving “Rotate Screen” setting on iPad
Fixed issue with red / blue electric skins not switching correctly

Over a million downloads. 9,000+ user reviews. 4.5 star avg rating. Get it now!

“My guitarist friend had a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body and left him unable to play. I fired up Guitarism and handed my iPhone to him. A minute later he was singing and playing, his wife began to tear up and the smiles filled the room. Thank you thank you thank you.” – 5 star user review from Canada

“After losing a finger in an accident, I have searched for a way to play guitar again. The first time I played with this app, I cried; I was finally playing guitar again. Thanks so much.” – 5 star user review from the United States

Time.com: “simulates the experience of strumming away on six strings”
MacLife.com: “beautiful acoustic tones”
Evolver.fm: “a virtual acoustic guitar that anyone can play”
Apps4iDevices: “Killer App”
SmiteMatter: “amazingly playable design … 5 stars!”
theiphoneappreview.com: “Fantastic sounding”
appchronicles.com: “Life-like guitar sounds”
appdictions.com: “Top notch”
“Everyone I show this to – WANTS it!”
 – 5 stars
“feels like a real musical instrument”
 – 5 stars
“can’t make it sound bad”
 – 5 stars
“My wife often asks me why I’m playing (guitar) in the kitchen and then realizes it’s the app”
 – 5 stars
“Don’t need any musical knowledge, you will gain it as you play”

 – 5 stars
“Mind blown”

 – 5 stars