The good news – this is the first full, commercial quality ampsim on an Android device…..

The bad news is that it is very much hardware specific and not a general android app and goes to show that even with the latest Android update, converting current iOS apps for general android release will be a terrific technical challenge, if it is possible at all. Anyway, here’s the press release…..

AmpliTube turns your Android device that supports Samsung Professional Audio technology (the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, and soon Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3 and other devices) into a mobile guitar and bass multi-effects processor.

You can use IK’s iRig HD-A, iRig or iRig Stomp audio interface adapters to connect your guitar, bass or keyboard to your device. You can also use the iRig Mic to process vocals and acoustic instruments.

AmpliTube for Android is available for US $19.99. The iRig HD-A is available for US $99.

See the Galaxy Apps store and the IK site for more info.