First unveiled at the Winter NAMM Show, Fishman’s highly anticipated Fluence® Multi-Voice Pickups for Electric Guitars are now available!

Throughout the year, Fluence pickups have been covered by numerous guitar publications like Premier Guitar, Guitar Player and Guitar World. Online forums and social media have been buzzing with talk about Fishman’s latest technological breakthrough, which represents the first real advancement in pickup system design in over 80 years.

Fluence Single Width pickups are now shipping to dealers with Humbucker models to follow soon after.

Fishman Fluence Single Width pickups are a direct replacement for the pickups found in a Strat, or numerous other guitars with similar style single coil pickups. Reimagined without wire coils, Fluence pickups allow players to Un-Wind from the noise, hum, and inductance issues that plague other pickup designs, while delivering the most sought after single coil tones from vintage sweetness to overwound punch.

And, like all Fluence pickups, the Single Width is Multi-Voice. That means it has 2 distinct, selectable voices onboard. Voice #1 is a great vintage tone, sweet and clear. While voice #2 is more of an overwound “Texas” tone – hot and muscular.

Offering 200+ hours of playing time on a single charge of the optional USB battery pack (fully charging in 2 hours), Fluence Single Width pickups can also be powered by a standard 9V battery.

Available in singles or as a set with all appropriate hardware and components included.

To learn more about Fishman’s Fluence Single Width pickups and the entire Fluence line, click here.