It’s Christmas, and nothing says Christmas more than a guitar for under £100..leaves much more money for industrial sizes bags of crisps. I’ve assembled 5 guitars here to test this. The price quoted is the current street price and all were tested at random – no specially selected or modded guitars here. Everything here is perfectly decent and playable

But even with this, it much be a challenge to produce a guitar that can sell on the street for under £100. This is not a lump of plastic and CPUs, this is a living thing of wood and metal, that has to be crafted, assembled, tested, packed and shipped. Surely you cannot expect much for something costing so little.

. I had more fun than I expected and I think you’ll be surprised too.

So, in no particular order, we have……(click on the names for my review)

Fender Squier Bullet

Epiphone Les Paul Vintage Express

Knoxville by Gear4Music

Peavey Raptor Plus

Washburn EVIL1 XM