OK, make that the only amp of the year – I’ve not played a lot of analogue stuff this year. Its got 15 watts of EL84 power going into a very nice Jenson speaker. It’s beautifully made and is simplicity itself with only 2 knobs -Volume and control.

With a PAF humbucker, there is a lot of rich, chewy clean headroom until a deep, powerful overdrive takes over. I know that the classic rock/blues-rock thing has been done to death a million times, but when the basic sound is this rich and inviting, who cares? It’s also has incrediblow low levels of hiss – always a sign of clean, well designed circuitry.
In the Uk, you can get the MK2 version of this for a frankly silly £349. It really can face up to UK and US boutique amps selling for 3 times as much.

If 15 watts is too much (perhaps you only need a practice or small studio amp), then Yerasov also do a 3 watter for £219.

Check them out here…

It’s a Russian company so I’m not sure how the present political/economic situation is going to affect them, but they make wonderful stuff.