Sophisticated multi-fxs are becoming a staple on IOS devices, especially on the Ipad, and the ambitious, exciting Flux (designed with brilliant guitarist Adrian Belew) has been hotly anticipated. Well, now it is here, but is it any good?

The brilliant Music App Blog have now reviewed it. “I’ve reviewed a number of iOS music apps that fall into the audio effects category here on the Music App Blog and, a few weeks ago, did a couple of ‘roundup’ articles looking at both ‘conventional’ and ‘creative’ effects types. While these are pretty arbitrary categories, we are beginning to get pretty well served in both of these groups so, whether you want standard processing options such as compression or EQ, or you need to get more left-field and mangle your audio in a range of directions then, as the saying goes, ‘there is an app for that…’

You can get the full review here…