A long time ago I had a mate with a Watkins Copycat, one of the original 60s jobs. Even then it was ancient but in the bedroom, it sounded perfect, On stage?

Failed. Every. Single. Time. Thats the thing about tape – sounds great, a nightmare to use. But T Rex are giving it all a go again with a real, real tape job. it sounds cool but costs a lot…read on..

T-Rex has announced the Replicator Tap-Tempo Tape Delay pedal as part of NAMM 2015.

The Replicator is a genuine analog tape delay, using a chrome tape-based cassette mechanism, and including functions for tap-tempo, saturation, chorus, and boost, as well as standard delay controls.

The Replicator will reportedly be entirely handmade in Denmark, and retail will be $799 US.