Just when things were going quiet on the whole tonestack front, Yonac spring up with a big update. There are lots of tweaks here so here’s

the press release….

ToneStack 1.4 and ToneStack GO 1.2 are here! ToneStack, ToneStack GO’s Starter Bundle, and both apps’ Motherload Bundles are on SALE NOW! Here are the details on what’s new:

• Lots of AWESOME new features for the inStudio 8 track recorder:
— You can now use up to four FX for each track as inserts!
— Use inserts to add FX during mixing, or to conveniently and non-destructively re-amp your existing tracks
— You can use any unlocked effect, amp or cabinet in ToneStack as an insert
— The user friendly UI allows you to easily add, reorder and remove inserts: and to view an effect’s controls, just double tap its box on inStudio
— inStudio also introduces two sends, each with its own inserts, as well a separate master output with its own inserts group. Each track comes with variable Send 1 and Send 2 levels
— In addition, unlocking OnStage gives you two exclusive production-minded FX: Studio EQ, a high quality 5-band stereo equalizer, and Studio Compressor, a classic stereo dynamic compressor.

• OnStage is revamped: you can now create performance groups to organize your existing presets into folders for different situations. Each performance group gives you 128 pads to link your presets. In addition, you can reorder presets and more!
• You can now control OnStage via MIDI! Just go to Settings -> MIDI and specify whether you want MIDI program changes to be routed to OnStage or to the Preset Manager
• ALL distortions, fuzzes and overdrives have been gone over and fine-tuned. The lows/mids response is way more natural and the tones are even ballsier and more realistic.
• Implemented 100% silent preset switching
• Fully updated for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
• Many other improvements