For when steel is just not butch enough for you. Granite! Grrrrr! Now I’m looking at a new trem block as much as the next gearhead, but these look very nice if a bit silly. But my! they are expensive! as Floyd Rose


The Stone Tone Sustain Blocks by Floyd Rose really live up to their name. Probably no other product available worldwide elongates the sustain for Tremolo equipped guitars so intensively like these!

The Floyd Rose Stone Tone Sustain Blocks are made from granite and are available in normal shape or L-shape and in different heights. These patented Sustain Blocks are manufactured in the USA from ganite and improve the sound of Vibrato equipped guitars for the whole frequency range.

Granite is ideal for sustain improvement due to its density. Its crystalinestructure is perfectly suited to transmit vibrations. Since these characteristics are inherent already in the natural product, the granite does not have to be changed during the manufacturing process or altered in its structure. The difference compared to a standard block is so apparent, that signal losses between guitar and apmlifier are reduced by minimum 30%. Available with 32, 37 or 42 mm height, optional in L-shape.

The L-shaped versions have been developed to make use of the unused space beneath the Tremolo lever and offer even more sustain. Since this block is bigger than a conventional Sustain-Block, the upward movement of the Vibrato may be limited or the bridge may be operated as a ‘fixed’, meaning blocked, bridge.

The Floyd Rose Stone Tone Sustain Blocks are delivered with stainless steel mounting screws. Recommended retail prices (RRP) for the Floyd Rose Stone Tone Sustain Blocks (normal or L-shaped) amount incl. VAT to :

Height 32 mm:UVP 232,82 € (183,93 GBP / 6519,03 CZK)

Height 37 mm: UVP 239,89 € (189,51 GBP / 6716,91 CZK)

Height 42 mm:UVP 246,94 € (195,08 GBP / 6914,26 CZK)

Spezifications Floyd Rose Stone Tone Sustain Blocks

  • For guitars with tremolo system
  • Granite sustain block, elongates sutain considerably
  • Improves the sound of Tremolo equipped instruments throughout the whole frequency range
  • Available in normal or L-shape, with 32, 37 or 42 mm height
  • Reduces signal loss from guitar to amplifier by min. 30%
  • Including stainless steel mounting screws

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