I’m a typical guitar player in many ways as I was self-taught, or untaught might be more accurate. And so I could do the chords, I could play the solos, but I never began to grasp the theory behind music that explained how it all worked. Those players who had that basic theory, those who

work out what scales would work against a particular chord sequence? Why, they were like gods to us.
One of the joys of iOS is that it has given us a number of apps that can provide us with a grounding in theory while also giving us audio clues as what we are meant to be hearing, and one of these is the fascinating Suggester.

What this app does is to give you interesting chords and scales that work together, you can find a scale and the app will generate a chord sequence to go with it, transposing or adding bass notes as you wish, and every choice made will lead to a succession of new chords.

On the plus side, it is a very painless way for the non-theory trained musician to establish exactly how chords and scales work together (the app – when fully unlocked for £3.99 – gives you a vast range of scales and chord types. It also works brilliantly as a song writing tool, giving you many deeply musical ways of resolving chord patterns, all editable as well.

On the down side, it is pretty much text based and a visual aid for guitar chords is sorely lacking.

But it does what it sets out to do superbly and is a hugely useful tool. Well worth £3.99.