Chord apps are interesting little things aren’t they? Your Iphone or Ipad would be perfect

for something like this that gives you the ability to search and listen to chords in a way that no chord book can match. It’s surprising that so few apps do it well. Either the interface is wrong, or the pricing is optimistic or….and so on and so on.  But then you get a little app like Chordial.  Chordial gives you thousands of chords with audio samples. So far, nothing unusual about that, but it also gives you mandolin, ukulele and banjo chords as well. And it looks beautiful. The interface is based around a series of dials(get it?) that can quickly get you any chord from  D major to a G13#11. It is a fluid and tactile system that is smooth and intuitive in operation.

It has quickly become my favourite chord app but there are a couple of issues. If you have fat fingers, then it would be easier to use on an Ipad as it is a little cramped on an Iphone and it is just a little too easy to nudge that guitar icon that kicks you out of the chord screen.

It would also be wonderful if the chords could be linked to something more theory based like the Jamn app. Jamn also has a chord function, but that is nowhere near as fun to use as Chordial and Chordial could become a very useful theory tool if it could be expanded in that direction.

But these are pretty minor points, as a basic chord dictionary that covers essentially any chord you are ever going to need and is fun and easy to use, Chordial is very hard to beat.

It is also free – there is no IAP so none of that annoying “no minor 7th chords until you pay” malarkey that you get from some apps. You can pay to get rid of adverts that occasionally pop up, but even these are not intrusive.

So looks great, works well and is free, what more do you want?