Move aside Ebow, this all looks very interesting…..”Wond is a hand-held stylus that excites, sustains and controls vibration — of your guitar strings or any steel-stringed


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About the Wond

The Wond is the most powerful handheld exciter, sustainer and controller ever invented. It is an intuitive, versatile magnetic plectrum for the strings of your guitar, enabling you to create infinite sustain and harmonics that will take your playing to a whole new level. Based on the technology behind the Moog Guitar (2008), and the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer, the Wond represents the third generation of our patented collocated vibration control system to drive steel strings with an aggressive response — stronger and faster than you’ve experienced with any sustainer.

How Does It Work?

To use the Wond, simply hold it between your index finger and thumb, just above the tip where the coils are located. Place the Wond over the string you wish to excite. Pinch the Wond between your index finger and thumb to apply power to the string. The more that you squeeze, the more the string will excite.

The Wond also offers tactile feedback in the form of a vibration you can feel at your fingers as you play. The intensity of the vibration will increase as the string vibrates with more force. This allows you to touch-sense the strings with the Wond as clearly as you do when you are using a pick. You won’t need to look! You can close your eyes and feel the music.

If you position the Wond at various locations along the strings from bridge to nut, you will bring out different harmonics. You can also use the Wond to ‘brush’ harmonics out of the strings by moving it like a pick, back and forth across the axis of the string.

Exciter Coils – These are the coils used to excite the string of your instrument. They are controlled by how firmly you pinch the Wond. You can also use the different switches on the Wond to control their behavior.

LED “Headlight” Guide/Slide – Dual purposed to offer a slide much like a traditional guitar slide. The durable notched tip allows you to slide notes on the string while manipulating them with the Wond. In addition, the Wond’s “Headlight” LED helps you align Wond to the string visually – when the LED light falls on the string you are close to the sweet spot!

Multi-colored LED – Illuminates when the Wond is activated by the Pinch Control. The LED is also used as a battery charge indicator. It will glow less and less blue and more red as the battery depletes, giving you a visual warning of when to charge the Wond.

Pinch Zone – This is the area of the Wond that you pinch to excite the string. Pinching this spot governs the Wond’s behavior. With Pressure switch set to Off, pinching will simply apply power to the string. With the Pressure switch On, the pressure you apply to the Wond is translated into a control signal governing the Wond’s power and harmonic response.

Morphic Switch – Selects between two different Wond behaviors that produce different sets of timbres.

Haptic Switch – In the On position, this will provide tactile feedback to the player through the Wond so the string can be “felt” as the Wond approaches the “sweet spot”. This feedback changes according to how close the Wond is to the string and also according to the amplitude of string vibration. There is enough information in this tactile feedback to play by feel, even with your eyes closed.

Power Switch – Turns all power off to the Wond when you are not using it.

Charging Connection – Located at the rear of the Wond, this allows you to re-charge the Wond when the battery is low or depleted.