Its been a while since I’ve looked over the whole guitar app scene, so I’m looking at what I think are the top 10 apps for the eager guitarists. This is a personal view and before anyone bangs on about all the

high quality Android apps out there, this is iOS only, because latency is still the killer for Android and until that is resolved natively (sorry IK) then iOS is the only option for most of us. So of we go……

Bias FX

The newest item on the list, and a big step forward in sophistication and power.

They say…..”Now for the first time, musicians can achieve high quality sound in the studio for recording and on iPad for live performance and practice, with our open community ToneCloud for guitar pedalboards and rigs sharing, it takes digital guitar effects to an entirely new level.”


We say…I’m still working on a full review but this is a big step forward for ios guitarists. As magnificent Jamup is, there is an audible improvement in fidelity here and integration with Bias Amps is much better than with Jamup. And despite some online whinging about the cost, it is absurdly, lunatically cheap. Got an Ipad? Then buy this.