While their custom craftsmen are more well known

for their work on Stratocasters and Telecasters, the team at the Fender Custom Shop have just launched a preview of their Fender 80 Proof Blues Junior Amplifier, which is encased in reclaimed wood from old whiskey barrels. A functioning piece of art, the Fender 80 Proof Blues Junior Amplifier has the accents to match, including brass knobs, a leather handle, a brass control plate, and the Fender logo seared into the wood. Even more than your axe, each of these amps are truly one of a kind, each featuring 15 watts of all-tube power, reverb, and an upgraded Jensen P12Q 12″ speaker. Or, in other words, the Fender 80 Proof Blues Junior Amplifier sounds just as good as it looks. See more of what the geniuses at Fender came up with on the following pages and make sure to act fast if you want one; although each is $1,999, only 100 units will be made.