I’ve always had issues with Amplitube but there has always been one thing I’ve always liked…the FX. You can only have 3 at a time and routing is pretty primitive….but they sure sound nice. IK are saying that for the Amplitube revision, all the effects have been revised with fancy new algorithms. Lets

check ’em out…..

The core Amplitube effects give you overdrive, fuzz, wah, chorus…..you get the picture. They have always been servicable if lacking a bit of sparkle. Amplitube 3 was good….Amplitube 4 is better and in some cases, much better. The Fuzz has lovely off-the-wall late 60s feel, the Wah has greater transparency and the Chorus and Flanger seem a little more responsive to the players touch. Everything has a bit more warmth, weight and texture to the tone. Take the analog delay, there have been versions of this on Amplitube since 1714 and it has always been….ok. This version is brilliant, with genuine warmeth and subtlety.


The Fender effects were always a little eccentric. The Fender Blender is an interesting overdrive and tone boost and sounds a little flat until you turn that blend knob, then you get a tone that immediately thickens without getting too soupy. It is pretty much one tone, but it is a good one. Bypassing a rather dull overdrive, you then get a lovely tape delay  – and this has oodles of analog warmth to play with and the interplay between the knobs gives a wide range of shifting, floating tones. It really does sound good. As does the Phaser, as simple as you like with only one knob. This has a delicate, glassy tone to it, and like the tape echo, understated suits it best, so careful how much you turn those knobs.


The Moller is a beast – a tone boost and overdrive based on the high end Danish pedal. And it works really, really well. It is as good a boost as I’ve heard on iOS with your tone just feeling tighter, fuller and clearer. It is a meaty overdrive as well, warm and dense without sounding too retro. Under Amplitube 3, this was a great model, here it just feels…..better. Tighter and more musical.

The Hendrix Package
Of all the effects on Amplitube, I loved these most of all. There was a genuine eccentricity about them, mirroring how bizarre these designs must have appeared in the 1960s. Both the Wah and the Octa-V are very strong here with a lot of warmth but with musical transparency as well.Improvements in Amplitube 4 are subtle, but they are there. But the real triumph here is the Uni-vibe. Every iOS amp sim package has a go at a Univibe, but nothing comes close to this. The tone is shattering in its richness and depth – it is very much Hendrix over Gilmour here. Lead lines take on a flutey character and chords are gorgeous in how they shimmer, the individual notes playing off each other. It is the best Univibe on iOS, hell, it may the the best model out there full stop and the whole Amplitube package might be worth it just for this one effect.

The Stoke legend has a few surprises here. The Wah Distortion and the Chorus are a lot of fun (and more versatile than the default Amplitube models) but the real pleasures here are the simple ones. A truly wonderful Gate and a very good Boost. But once again, good models now sound just a bit better – in fact, as with the Hendrix package, it all sounds a bit better now than the desktop version.

Does Amplitube 4 improve your FX experience? Hell yeah! Improvement are generally pretty subtle, but there is increased weight and texture with everything here, and it all sounded pretty good to start with.

But effects is one thing – what about the new, improved amps….that, dear chums, will have to wait until tomorrow….toodle pip!