It was the Manson Guitar Show in Exeter at the weekend and very jolly it was too, with a lovely little set by Steve Howe, and excellent clinics by Yolanda Charles and Thomas Blug. There was a lot of lovely gear to be played as well but one of the most interesting things I saw was a very interesting short scale bass

by a new company, Chowny Bass. It’s a clever combination of a 335-style body, Gretsch-type pickups and a Rickenbacker flavour to the neck. Add very good build quality and an enticing range of colours and you have a lot of instrument for £340-370.
Playing in a noisy exhibition hall is never going to show things off at their best but I really liked this bass, the Filtatron-alikes gave the Chowny a tight, wiry flavour with great definition and a lot of impact for a short-scale. It was a very comfortable thing to play as well.
It is always going to be tough for a new company to establish itself in such a cut-price market but Chowny have got off to a great start glow-2