The state of iOS amp sims as we approach 2016 is a little confused. There is no news of any developments of excellent packages like Ampkit or the sublime Line 6 Mobile Pod and Amplitube 4 seems stuck with an outdated sim model and

relentless hard selling.
Positive Grid continue to be innovative but seem to be concentrating more and more on the lucrative PC market.
This leaves Yonac’s Tonestack.
When Tonestack came out last year, it was a surprise. The developer had a solid reputation for synth apps but this was something way more ambitious. And the surprising thing was….how brilliant it was from the start. There was a huge choice of amps and effects, the amp models were as good as anything outside Positive Grid’s Bias and the effects were outstanding. It also allowed supremely flexible signal routing and splitting, through as many amps and effects as your device can handle.

It was also priced sensibly, and as a result I bought everything they had, very quickly (yes, I am looking at you, Amplitube!)

But then Yonac went to work on it, there were frequent updates, each of them supremely tasteful and intelligent. Like changing the amount of time your finger had to touch the screen to access a sub-screen by…0.2 seconds? Which made it so much more natural to use, like adding the best IAA implementation I’ve seen (seriously, Bias amps sound much better imported into Tonestack than into Positive Grid’s own Jamup app), like refining the quality of modelling.

So when Yonac announced that there would be a version 2 of Tonestack, I was very excited …and mystified. Was it a new app? Would my Tonestack setups still work? No-one seemed to know.

But now we know that Tonestack is a big update that adds a ton of new gear, including a range of bass amps and specific bass effects, and continued refinements to the core package.

Over the next few days I’ll be spending as much time as possible with Tonestack and giving my views. But I can say, if you already have all the gear in Tonestack, get the full update for the current 50% off price of £7.99 as soon as you can, it is an absolute steal.