Looking back at Gibson’s disastrous 2015, it is the hubris that is astonishing. “you WILL have robot tuners”, “Your necks will be 5 miles wide and have bizarre brass nuts”. “We will hike prices by 20% and you will happily pay it for we are Gibson”.

Well, it

did not quite work out like that. Despite many of the 2015 Gibsons being very fine guitars, sales have been catastrophic with much of the 2015 stock sold off at laughable prices. Les Paul Junior at £415, including a hard case? Yes please!

Gibson had to respond and rebuild quickly. But how would they deal with the toxic legacy of 2015? Well chums, they deal with it by totally ignoring it, we’re talking Year Zero here. It is as if 2015 never even existed. G-force autotuners? Never heard of them. Super wide necks? Get the hell outta here!

For Gibson have gone back to the future in a big way with classic designs, no cutting edge hardware and a sensible – in some cases absurdly good value – pricing policy.

I’ll be looking at the SGs tomorrow, and they are looking good.