Goodbye 2015, we barely knew you. A funny old year in terms of guitar tech…..after Gibson’s travails, guitar manufacturers went back to more conservative designs (as good as they are , the new Gibson’s could quite easily be put into the 1960 catalogue and no-one would notice). The trend for amps tended towards designs that would quite happily exist in 1958 – only effects really seemed to push the envelope. Regarding iOS apps, 2015 was really a year of consolidation. Positive Grid refined the Bias concept and Yonac’s continued to hone the wonderful Tonestack. But both Line 6 and Ampkit really need to update their apps and IK’s Amplitube is still much more successfully realised in desktop form.And as has been noted in Music App Blog, another notable thing about 2015 was the almost complete absence of any interesting Android apps despite the development of tools to combat latency . I think that we must now accept that if you are a musician, the future is Apple both for good and bad.