I remember the first time I heard Amplitube, latency so bad it could not be played live, modelling that today seems laughably bad, but it just seemed like……the future.
In the past 15 years so much has changed, marriage, children, less hair and more stomach, My big amps have gone and I totally embraced the modelling route. Amplitube, GTR, Guitar Rig, Pod Farm, I had them all.
Then I got an iPhone, and now there was a world of amps and effects in my pocket (that, after all is what inspired this blog).
But the gold standard was always Amplitube, and the successive versions have introduced new and better effects and amps and greater usability.
So a brand, spanking new version of Amplitube is a big thing, and the signs were good…..IK’s latest modelling package, the Mesa Boogie collection was expensive but very, very good (see review here) and really was as good a package as I’ve heard.
And what we were hearing about Amplitube 4 sounded good as well. New Marshall models ( or at least Marshall inspired), new cab modelling, indeed new speaker modelling , which sounded very exciting. New cab rooms, fx loops, acoustic simulators….it all sounded very good.
And it has to be, for since Amplitube 3, there has been a lot of exciting developments in modelling. Traditional desktop modelling packages such as Amp Farm, GTR or the lovely Guitar Rig are either dead as a dodo or in a zombie state of non-development. But Positive grid have their amazingly innovative Bias package, and there are incredible hardware units such as the Kemper and the Axe-fx. Expensive of course but incredibly good.
Can Amplitube still hack it? That is what we are going to find out……