I don’t think that a full-on big bodied Gretsch is going to be a first guitar for that many people, but it is always nice to know that they are out there, and for rockabilly there is nothing better. Now Gretsch are opening up the market for their classic guitars with the insanely cheep Streamliner range…..

“Gretsch’s brand new Streamliner Collection offers a brave new sound at an affordable price.

Designed for powerful, versatile playability with spectacular style and sound, the new Streamliner guitars scream with modern features, including the all new Broad’Tron humbucking pickups and vintage Gretsch stylings from the ‘40s, ’50 and ‘60s. Available in Center Block, Center Block Jr. and full-size hollow bodies.

The secret to the Streamliner’s bold sound is a new offering from Gretsch—the Broad’Tron humbucking pickup. Specifically designed for the Streamliner, this high-output pickup spawns robust lows, pristine highs and a throaty midrange for a unique tone that blends well with other instruments in a band context.”

What that means is beauties like the G2420, with Bigsby, selling in the UK for under £400. And they look gorgeous, and they play well, and they are easily upgradeable.

They are also reviewing really well too.  I’ll try and get hold of one as soon as possible,but they certainly look like they a worth a go.