As we lurch towards the end days as the great nation of the US elects an openly fascist and sociopathic president (hey, if there is one thing we know in Europe, its fascism) we search for anything, anything to give some respite from the grim foreboding.

So….Tonestack 3, yay!

It’s not quite the monster update that Tonestack 2 was but there area bunch of Vox and Marshall inspired amps that sound very nice, a bunch of new distortions and, the capo de monte de frutti tutti, some wonderful modulated

Tonestack have always done great amps but it’s the effects that do it for me, no-one does emulated modulated effects like these guys

You can get more information at  and the base app can be purchased on App Store  for a very reasonable £3.99, or 2 sheeps heads when we are in the post-Trumpian irradiated wasteland.