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Whats it all about?

It’s the old, old story. Guitar nut as a kid, little local bands, then bigger bands, then a really, really good band that had a few labels sniffing around back in 1982, which led to nothing. Playing dropped off and I pretty much stopped playing for 25 years.

Then, last year I was chopping wood in the garden, got foolishly distracted at a key moment, and put an axe through my left hand. It did sting a bit.

But thanks to the wonders of the brilliant staff at the NHS, all was fixed (American chums, fear not Obamacare – any Brit who criticizes the NHS here is regarded with pity as a foolish crank)

My surgeon and physio suggested playing the guitar as therapy. And so I began again, the sore fingers, the stiff joints. But what also came back, forgotten for half a lifetime, the sheer joy of it all, the utter pleasure in just playing.

And what amazed me was the dazzling technology there was, ampsims, on the Iphone! So I began this blog just to explore all that, really it’s for my pleasure, but I hope that some of you get something out of it as well.


2 thoughts on “Whats it all about?

  1. Nice site. But I have to pull you up on the canard that wood composition, let alone lacquer or finish, has any effect whatsoever on a solidbodied electric guitar’s tone. It just doesn’t. That’s all fingers, strings, pickups, electronics (resistors, caps etc), distance between stings and pickups, ambient noise, room acoustics and the small matter of signal processing and amplification…

    Keep up the good work


    1. Right, it’ll be maple caps at dawn then. I know that wood shouldd not have any effect on vibrations in the electromagnetic field, but…it..just does!So there.
      Seriously, if you’d like to expand on your comment, I’ll be happy to post it, it’s exactly the sort of subject that people have very strong opinions on and have a lot of fun with.


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